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Yantai Manoir Heat Resistant Alloys Co., Ltd, was established since 1991, and became a joint venture with Manoir Industries France since 1995. From its first startup, Yantai Manoir has been specialized in the manufacturing of centrifugally cast tubes and static casting fittings made of heat- resistant alloys, of such products designed for the petrochemical, the steel and the float glass industries.

Yantai Manoir has acquired, through the years, the know-how and strong expertise in the manufacturing of the proprietary alloys of Manoir Industries and equipped with the latest and most advanced tube automatic production line and inspection facilities. Meanwhile, Yantai Manoir also introduced French management model and managers, to ensure that Manoir’s technical procedures and quality standards are strictly and fully followed. Currently most of welders /NDT inspectors are qualified with ASME and EN codes.

In 1998, Yantai Manoir implemented and was certified with its quality assurance system in conformity with ISO9002:98, and recertified with ISO9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 in the year of 2002 and 2010. In recent years, Yantai Manoir was successively certified with ISO14001,OHSAS18001, KGS(for Korea), GOST(for Russia) and PED(for EU).

Since 2002, through Manoir Group’s global sales network and its fast-growing worldwide recognition, Yantai Manoir has sold its products to nearly 100 international clients in more than 40 countries, representing 80% of its sales for exporting references. In recent years, Manoir Yantai has been supplying + 20,000 reformer tubes for the main licensors and furnace engineering companies, like Technip, Linde, CBI/Lummus, ITT,Heurty, KT, Toyo, Topsoe, KBR… Meanwhile, Yantai Manoir successively received the approvals with orders from those worldwide top 10 ethylene producers, including SABIC, ExxonMobil, Lyondell Basell, INEOS, TOTAL, BASF, Westlake, Formosa and etc., and supplied radiant coils for more than 140 complete ethylene furnaces.

Based on its worldwide acceptance already established and the great market potentials, combining with its mother company (Yantai Taihai Manoir Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd) being listed on the stock market, Yantai Manoir has launched its 2nd phase expansion project since 2016, and a 50,000 m2 brand-new shop has been buit and started in full operation from Aug, 2017. Nowadays, Yantai Manoir has become the worldwide largest single tube production plant, with the full line capacity at +200 tube sections/day and annual sales in more than 700M RMB. In the new shops, Yantai Manoir has significantly upgraded and improved its equipment and workflow, with the target of establishing a global model plant, combining new technologies, efficiencies, safety, environmental friendly and digitalization conceptions.