Manoir Heat
Resistant Alloys

Yantai Manoir Heat Resistant Alloys Co., Ltd, was established since 1991, and became a joint venture with Manoir Industries France since 1995.

From its first startup, Yantai Manoir has been specialized in the manufacturing of centrifugally cast tubes and static casting fittings made of heat- resistant alloys, of such products designed for the petrochemical, the steel and the float glass industries. Yantai Manoir has acquired, through the years, the know-how and strong expertise in the manufacturing of the proprietary alloys of Manoir Industries and equipped with the advanced tube automatic production line and inspection facilities. Meanwhile, Yantai Manoir also introduced French management model and managers, to ensure that Manoir’s technical procedures and quality standards are strictly and fully...

Business Area

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Welding business
Machining business
Precision Casting Business
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